Frequently Asked Questions

How is NCMT different from other riding programs in our area?

NCMT is a unique program that uses the building blocks required for sound horsemanship and equine care to teach our students leadership skills, team work, community service and much more, all in a supportive and fun atmosphere.  NCMT was founded in 1939, using a Junior Cavalry model of discipline and education.  Today, we maintain the military ranking tradition as a way to reward and promote good citizenship at the barn.  The students have their own governing body and make many of their own decisions about their contribution to our local community, whether by volunteering for our therapeutic program, helping to stock the local food bank shelves, raising money for our program scholarship needs or contributing to other charities of their choice.   The highest ranking student — the Cadet Major — also liaisons with NCMT’s Board of Directors and provides valuable input about our programs to the NCMT leadership. We think you will find that NCMT provides an experience like no other riding program around.

How old do you have to be to join NCMT?

The Full Horsemanship and Equine Care programs are available to children ages 7–17 (after graduating high school, students are considered adult riders).  In accordance with PATH standards, Therapeutic riding is offered to individuals ages 4 and up.

Can I sign up at any time of the year?

NCMT’s regular program runs on an academic year basis, from late August to mid-June. Sign up typically takes place during the summer months. Depending on riding level and space availability, NCMT may be able to accommodate some students who sign up during the academic year. In addition, NCMT offers a summer camp program.  Sign up for summer camp begins in the spring. Please check our web site regularly for sign up deadlines and documentation. 

What is the difference between your programs?

The Full Horsemanship Program includes a one-hour group riding lesson (once or twice a week), and a two to four hour “barn day” to complete barn chores and participate in our horse care learning series.

The Equine Care Program excludes the riding lesson and only consists of the “barn day”.

The Super Troopers Therapeutic Riding Program is available to children and adults with physical, cognitive, or emotional needs and consists of an hour group riding lesson. Four student maximum per class.

The Super Troopers Equine Care Program is a one hour program which allows participants to develop a real bond with the horses as they work with them on the ground.  Six student maximum per class.

Adult Riding is offered on a limited basis (week day and Sunday mornings) to those who are 18 and over.

Does NCMT offer scholarships?

A limited number of program scholarships are available for qualified individuals.  Please contact Claudia for additional information.

Do you take horse donations?

NCMT relies on donated horses and ponies to run its programs.  For the most part, our donated horses are stepping down from show careers, but are still able to walk, trot, canter and jump up to 2″6″.  All of our horses are well-cared for and loved by everyone in the barn and are ridden in no more than one lesson per day.  Please check our  Giving / Horse Donation page for more information or contact us if you have any questions. Check out our current horses and ponies — some have been with us for over 15 years!

What equipment/clothes do I need?

All students in the Full Horsemanship program must have an ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet by the time of their first lesson.  No student will be allowed to ride without a helmet.  Jodhpurs or breeches and paddock/tall boots are also required. Half-chaps and riding gloves are recommended. NCMT provides the riding saddle and other tack.

Can I board my horse at NCMT?

NCMT does not offer boarding on a regular basis.

Can I come for a trail ride?

Unfortunately, NCMT is unable to accommodate trail rides.