Our NCMT Family

There is little doubt that the life lessons acquired at Troop travel with our graduates throughout their lives. Alumni often share that it is their Trooper experience that helped shape the person they are today. We couldn’t be more proud!

Many students refer to NCMT as their home away from home. Special events and home shows bring people together to have fun and support each other.  During family work days, projects get done as a team, with everyone contributing their time and skills for the benefit of all.

Super Troopers also provide opportunities for our Troopers to volunteer and to learn compassion, acceptance and respect for children and adults with disabilities.  Young people contribute their time, along with many additional adult volunteers, to support our therapeutic programs. All are working towards the common goal of ensuring Super Troopers makes a difference in the life of others.

We couldn’t run any of our programs without the wonderful horses donated to NCMT, and we treat them like family too. Each one has a unique story, a very special place in our hearts, and receives the best care.

It is our entire family of students, staff, parents, partners, volunteers, friends, alumni, donors… and horses working together that makes NCMT a very special place.

Family comes first. Your family is the one group of people who will always be there to support you through tough times and to enjoy those moments with you that take your breath away. It seems only natural that you would want to prioritize your family and its wellbeing, since your family members always make you a priority. That is how I feel about NCMT.  Read more…

Margot Tucker
Cadet Major 2014–2015

We all have our unique stories of how New Canaan Mounted Troop has affected our lives.  For me it was truly a transformational experience.  Without my early experience at Troop I am sure I would not have gone on to become a veterinarian.  Read more…

Geoffrey McKenzie

Sami started riding at NCMT in Spring 2013 and it has been one of the most special experiences of her life. Physically, we’ve witnessed how the horse’s gait has benefited Sami’s gait and how riding is helping her build strength.

The staff at NCMT couldn’t be more wonderful. They’re engaging, respectful and very motivating.

And, perhaps most importantly to our family, is the fact that Sami now has a meaningful leisure activity she can enjoy with peers.

Lori Leskin
Mom of Super Trooper Student, Sami