Our Horses and Ponies


Breed: Welsh Cross

Description: Born in 2006, Accidental Gem “Austin” is a short but strong Welsh Cross pony. He is a chestnut gelding, standing at 14.1 hands.

Personality: Austin is a mischievous, happy go lucky pony who likes to keep the kids on their toes. He’s a great teacher, and excels in our intermediate to advanced lessons. Austin is a fan favorite, who loves to let the kids dote on him.


History: Austin came to NCMT after his original owner outgrew him.

Donated by: the Carragher family


Breed: Appaloosa

Description: Born in 2002, Braveheart is a uniquely patterned black-and-white Appaloosa gelding. Standing 15 hands high, he is a small but sturdy horse.

Personality: Braveheart is a clever horse who knows all the tricks in the book. His intelligence is complemented by a clear sense of humor, which manifests itself when he attempts to get into the hay stall. He also loves to eat peppermints and will always stick his tongue out after having one.


History: Braveheart arrived at NCMT in 2012, having previously competed in numerous children’s jumper competitions.

Donated by: Georgianna Carbone-Wynne


Breed: Morgan/Quarter Horse Cross

Description: Born in 1993, Charlie is a small, blood-bay horse standing around 14.3 hands who is also affectionately called “Chuck”. His show name is “Hopefully Charlie”.

Personality: Charlie is a quiet, sweet horse who walks very slowly when returning from the paddock and often looks ready for a nap. However, he perks up when he enters the ring to teach his students and does a great job. Charlie has many quirky habits such as dunking his already soaked hay into his water bucket.


History: Charlie came to NCMT in 2006 from a local riding camp, where he continues to work each summer as a camp pony. He returns to NCMT in late August and spends most of the year at the barn.

Donated by: SJ Riding Camp


Breed: Welsh Pony Cross

Description: Born in 2000, “Rosemell’s Kodak Moment”, aka Cody, is an adorable gray medium-sized pony. Cody’s most notable trait is his missing left eye.

Personality: Cody is a very active member of our Troop family and is a favorite around the barn. He loves to teach his students to jump and has a quick trot. He loves to participate in our yearly Halloween parade, his costumes usually make good use of his missing eye 🏴‍☠️.


History: Prior to joining NCMT, Cody showed as a children’s pony hunter in the local “A” and “C” show circuits.

Donated by: Alonso Martinez