Our Horses and Ponies


Breed: Welsh Cross

Description: Born in 1995, Jackson is a blood bay gelding, stands at 13.3 hands high, and boasts a star, a stripe, a snip and hind socks. His show name is “Special J”.

Personality: Jackson is quite the character! He is a super mellow fellow, who was smart enough to befriend the barn manager’s horse, which allows him extra time outside in the paddock with his bestie. His nickname in the barn is “Meatball.”


History: Jackson came to NCMT from within Fairfield County. He has lots of horse show miles behind him in hunters, jumpers, and equitation.

Donated by: Maurice Krasnow


Breed: Thoroughbred

Description: Jasper is a 2006 dark bay gelding, who stands at 16 hands.

Personality: Jasper is a quirky guy with a lot of personality! Over the years he has established himself as a reliable member of our herd. Jasper is adored by our students, and is one of our most highly requested lesson horses. He does a wide range of lessons, and he does them well.


History: Jasper came to us from another local barn and before that he tried his hand at being a race horse.

Donated by: Autumn Farms


Breed: Paint Quarter horse

Description: Born in 2005, Levi is a gorgeous Buckskin Paint Quarter Horse gelding.

Levi is a strong and dependable horse, who does more than his fair share around the barn. He is a steady presence in every kind of lesson we offer at NCMT. His patience and work ethic make him an invaluable member of our herd!


History: Levi is the personal horse of NCMT’s vet, Dr. Robert Neff (also known as Dr. Bob), who donated him due to his busy schedule. Dr. Bob wanted Levi to live in a barn where he can work, play and get as much attention as he wants.

Owned by: Robert T. Neff, Jr. VMD

Morocco (“Rocco”)

Breed: Arabian Cross

Description: Rocco was born in 2006 with beautiful chestnut coloring and the dish-face that characterizes Arabian horses. The white accents of his blaze and stockings contribute to his distinguished appearance.

Personality: Rocco is a wonderful school pony who is always ready to work. His consistency and positive attitude make him a fantastic teacher for intermediate riders. Rocco is eager to please and always willing to jump over anything you ask him to!


History: Rocco came to NCMT in 2014 after his original owner outgrew him.

Donated by: Ann Vassiliou