Our Horses and Ponies


Breed: Haflinger

Description: Born in 2006, “Sand Dollar” is a Haflinger mare who stands under 14.2 hands. She is a Palomino with a blaze and unruly blonde hair. Sandy is a sturdy pony with a terrific personality.

Personality: When Sandy joined our NCMT family in 2012, she was green, young, mischievous. It wasn’t long however before Sandy grew into the perfect embodiment of a “Troop” horse, and cemented herself as a tried and true favorite. Sandy participates in both our Therapeutic Riding Program, and Horsemanship Program, and is loved by all!


History: Sandy came to us from an “A” show trainer in Rhode Island with no show record, but with a big heart and eagerness to learn.

Donated by: Alison Ward

La Parisienne (“Sienna”)

Breed: Selle Francais

Description: Sienna is a 2000 chestnut mare, who stands at 16 hands.

Personality: Sienna is a total sweetheart. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, and loves her daily routine here at Troop. Her patience knows no bounds, and she is eager to help people of all abilities learn a wide range of equestrian skills.


History: Sienna came to us after she was ready to step down from her showing career.

Donated by: Dottie Lay


Breed: Appaloosa

Description: Born April 19, 1998, Sparky, aka “Spartacus”, is an Appaloosa gelding who came to Troop in March 2011.

Personality: Sparky is always looking for a good time. He is funny, playful, and loves making new friends (he currently is “besties” with Jackson). He is appropriately named “Spartacus” because, while mostly willing and good under tack, he sometimes likes to stage a revolt against his person! His favorite occupations include, supervising turn-out, and keeping an eye on the barn day kids (making sure his food arrives promptly.) Sparky is the majestic overseer of all things barn-related.


History: Sparky came to NCMT in March 2011. Sparky has been with our Barn Manager, Anne, since 2000.

Owned by: Anne Dylewski

Spot on Top (“Spot”)

Breed: Welsh Cross

Description: Born in 1999, Spot is a medium-sized pinto pony mare. She stands out in a crowd with her striking brown and white patches. Her pink nose and stylish Mohawk mane also adds to her unique appearance.

Personality: Spot is our smallest but mightiest pony. The only thing that slows her down is her fear of paper. Spot loves food of all sorts, and isn’t afraid to let you know when she needs more. Spot’s chill manner makes her a great teacher for beginners!


History: Spot came to Troop in 2014 after a successful show career. She was brought to NCMT by a former Executive Director who just knew Spot would be perfect for our programs!

Owned by: the Neff Family