Our Horses and Ponies


Breed: Draft/Pony Cross

Description: Timmy is a 2014 paint gelding, who stands at 14 hands.

Personality: Timmy is a young and playful little guy. Every day Timmy shows us how mature, and skilled he is, despite his inexperience as a lesson horse. Timmy is constantly growing in his role here, and is quickly becoming an integral part of our herd.


History: Timmy hails from Nantucket and came over on the ferry! He was donated by Polly Thayes Miller who felt that it was important for him to make friends with other horses.

Donated by: Polly Thayes Miller

Uno Platiere

Breed: Selle Francais

Description: Uno is a 2009 chestnut gelding, who stands at 16.1 hands.

Personality: Uno is a laid back, no worries kind of guy. Drawing on his experience in the show ring, Uno helps our more advanced students refine their skills. While he can be slow under saddle, Uno is quick to help out however he can in all Troop programs. He is uno of a kind πŸ˜‰


History: Uno came to us from a local barn after a successful show career.


Breed: Quarter Horse

Description: Woody is 2000 a palomino gelding, who stands at 14.2 hands.

Personality: Woody is as reliable as it gets! He is a sweet, hardworking, and dedicated member of our Troop family, and we just adore him. Like Charlie, Woody spends his summers at a riding camp, so he is pretty unflappable. As we like to say, any palomino is a β€œpal-o-MINE-o” and that certainly fits our Woody πŸ™‚


History: Woody heard from Charlie that Troop is a great place, so he decided he wanted to come here with him at the end of summer camp

Donated by: SJ ranch


Breed: Welsh Cross

Description: Zoey is a 2006 bay mare, standing at 13.2 hands. Her show name is β€œHer Way.”

Personality: Zoey is certainly a spitfire! She is a patient and loving teacher under saddle, but prefers her personal space on the ground. She has a lot of experience for her young age, and has a lot to teach our students! Like many of us, Zoey prefers warm weather and can be found extra bundled in the winter.


History: Zoey came to us from another local barn when her kid moved up to horses.

Donated by: the Huber family