Our Mission

To this day, New Canaan Mounted Troop (NCMT) honors the founding principles of its original mission statement:

To build leadership, responsibility and confidence in youth through sound horsemanship and to enrich the lives of individuals with special needs through equine assisted activities.

Founded in 1939, by celebrated horsewoman, children’s author, and community leader, Margaret Cabell Self, NCMT was started as a Junior Calvary of America regiment. Mrs. Self did not believe that a child’s financial situation should limit their access to horses — a philosophy that led to the uniforms, everyone working around the barn, and the sharing of all the horses. She was actively involved in running NCMT for some twenty years, leading adventures with her students to places like Ireland and Mexico. 

Over the years, NCMT has been led by many wonderful directors and trainers, but throughout, the dedication to raising the next generation of kind, knowledgeable horsewomen and men has remained the same. Horses and ponies are donated for use in our programs.

Giving horses a second chance so kids can have a first.

Former Captain Hailey Miller