Horse Donations

When the day comes for your horse to take a career step down, New Canaan Mounted Troop is the answer. Because where your horse goes next matters.

At NCMT, your horse will reside in a beautiful equestrian facility and will receive top veterinary care. Weather permitting, we provide daily turnout. Professional care is administered by our dedicated staff.

Your horse will receive much attention and love from many kids who come to the barn on a daily basis.

We ask that donated horses are sound and are generally be able to walk, trot, canter and jump up to 2’6″. We request donors to allow us a trial period to be sure your horse or pony is happy with us.

Our horses work no more than one lesson per day and live in spacious stalls.

NCMT provides two options:  1) full donation — NCMT takes ownership of your horse; or 2) use donation — you retain ownership of your horse and may remove it from our programs with prior notice to NCMT.

Thank you for considering donating your horse or pony!