Leadership Council

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NCMT Leadership Council 


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New Canaan Mounted Troop Leadership Council


The Leadership Council (“TLC”) provides an opportunity for our Troopers to take on a leadership role within the Officer’s Council and to fulfill our mission of “building leadership, responsibility and confidence in youth”.  Troopers who are a High School student or a 1st Lieutenant and wish to further their commitment to NCMT are eligible to join the TLC.    Leadership Council members must attend their workday regularly, have a strong work ethic, and be effective role models to their fellow Troopers.  To demonstrate leadership, Juniors and Seniors  in High School are expected to organize and manage one social event per year.

To Join the TLC, Troopers must:

  • Be a High School student and/or 1st Lieutenant.
  • Be a Trooper for at least six months.
  • Submit a written paragraph explaining why they want to join the TLC.
  • Attend at least 60% of TLC meetings during the year.
  • Attend at least 60% of NCMT events.

If a TLC member does not satisfy minimum attendance requirements, the council reserves the right to ask that member to leave the TLC.


TLC members will receive acknowledgement of community service for volunteering at any of the following functions:

  • Horseless Horse Show and Gymkhana
  • Halloween Parade and Carnival
  • Trooper Nights
  • NCMT Horse Shows
  • Waveny Fundraiser
  • Barn Dance