Leadership Document

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at New Canaan Mounted Troop


“Building Leadership, Responsibility and Confidence in Youth through Sound Horsemanship”



  • Leadership is an important skill learned at home, at school, in sports, and at NCMT.


  • Developing leadership is an individual process.


  • A leader sees opportunities and takes initiative to act.


  • Everyone can practice leadership while having a great time at NCMT through mentor groups, Trooper events, Trooper nights, Super Troopers, community service, and fundraising activities.



  • Be a role model: set a good example.


  • Encourage others: help build team spirit, give support, and recognize a job well done.


  • Communicate well: be approachable, listen carefully, and share ideas.


  • Respect others: include everyone, be courteous, and accept differences of opinion.


  • Help resolve conflict: when a disagreement arises, listen to both sides and help offer a fair resolution.



  • Be responsible for your words and actions: others learn from what you say and do.


  • Be dependable: others count on you, so don’t let them down.


  • Be honest: tell the truth and admit your own mistakes.


  • Be proactive: work with your team and do your share of the job to help get things done.



  • Be confident: believe in yourself and what you can do.


  • Have a positive attitude: when you smile, others will smile, too.


  • Have courage: do what you believe is the right thing.


  • Be resilient: it is OK to feel disappointed, discouraged or frustrated—inside or outside the ring—the important thing is to bounce back and keep trying.